• Quick and easy to handle!

Attractive design and innovative technical solutions make TIBODA EDGE the real revolution for your mobility. Thanks to the quick release system, you can connect and disconnect from the wheelchair in a few seconds and without effort. You don't have to screw uncomfortable terminals each time: simply align the TIBODA and hook it. It'll become your inseparable means of transport. It's practical, fast and maneuverable in tight spaces, and it will sail you through any terrain roughness. Autonomy, independence and freedom will return to be part of your life. Go to Media-> Video to see a demonstration video of TIBODA EDGE.

We deal of installation of the device in our workshop with our technicians.

The satisfaction of our customers is our main goal. After sales efficiently, ready to respond to your every need thanks to specialized technicians. We care to inform the customer on the most recent corporate initiatives, and possible technical modifications to our products.

TIBODA is committed to offering its customers innovative and quality products which meet the real needs of people with disabilities.

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